About us

We are a company whose key aim is innovation in the food industry. We offer consumers a range of high quality natural products which help to make day to day life that little bit easier.

Our first major success is the frozen fried egg, patented in 2014. Its durability guarantees ease of distribution throughout the world. We began operating in 2013 and our plant in Vitoria has the capacity to produce 12 million units per year.

With the new plant in Teruel we have now been able to expand production capacity to more than 150 million units per year. In our first major step in the process of internationalisation we have been successfully audited and approved at a worldwide level by Burger King as their official supplier of frozen fried eggs.


Eggs / day


Eggs / year


The business growth of Innovation Foods 360 has been extremely significant over the last year, mainly due to the market impact of our key product, the frozen fried egg.

As such, to meet the growing demand, whilst also responding to our increased focus on R+D in the food sector, we have radically expanded our industrial capacity with the opening of the new plant in Albentosa (Teruel).

As a result the new installations have allowed output to increase from 12 million units per year in the plant in Vitoria to a figure of some 150 million. And this is only part of the story, because the R+D department can now count on additional resources which are going to allow us to enhance our efforts to create other new products and thereby achieve one of our key business objectives: to investigate new ways of revolutionising the catering world so as to make life a little easier for everyone.